Follow the Child is dedicated to supporting families who desire a Montessori education and provides an opportunity for tuition assistance.

This Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is intended:

  1. To ensure the continuity of each child’s educational path.
  2. To ensure the continuity of the student population in each of our classrooms.
  3. To recognize economic hardships can impact some of our families’ ability to attend FCM.
  4. To recognize the importance of the relationship between FCM and our families and the benefit of maintaining long term relationships.


Based on the TAP application, a team (Head of School, Finance Director, Director of Enrollment Management, and After School & Program Director) will assess each situation individually and create an amended financial agreement between the family and FCM.

TAP Packet includes the following documentation:

    1. A letter from the family stating:
      1. Change in financial circumstances
      2. Long term commitment to FCM
      3. Statement of financial need
    2. FAST (Independent School Management’s Financial Aid for School Tuition) form completed by the family at their expense ($45). This is an independent financial evaluation of the family’s ability to pay tuition performed by ISM.
    3. Financial History at FCM (if applicable) prepared by the Finance Director
    4. Evaluation of the commitment to FCM by the Head of School including:
      1. Volunteerism
      2. Participation in school events
      3. Participation in child’s education