Grey Squirrel Toddler House

Kica Fetterolf, Lead Teacher

Christina Erexson, Assistant Teacher

Purple Finch Toddler House

Elim Lagunday-Rosalez, Lead Teacher

Ilex McLeod, Assistant Teacher

Red Fox Toddler House

Timea Kallai, Lead Teacher

Phardia Adibe, Assistant Teacher

Larkspur Children’s House

Sumi Sarkar, Lead Teacher

Precious Williams, Assistant Teacher

Lupine Children’s House

Betsy Lund-Bardi, Lead Teacher

Zainab Abdus-Saboor, Assistant Teacher

Morning Glory Children’s House

Angie Ma, Lead Teacher

Alicia Huther, Assistant Teacher

Trillium Children’s House

Godha Gopalarathnam, Lead Teacher

Porcelain Cheek, Assistant Teacher

Emerald Lower Elementary

Ranjana Patel, Lead Teacher

Kate Caporale, Assistant Teacher

Sapphire Lower Elementary

Erica Humphrey, Lead Teacher

Anne Burke, Assistant Teacher

Great Smoky Mountains Upper Elementary

Michelle Keown, Lead Teacher

Julie Atashi, Assistant Teacher


Philippe Derfeuil, Spanish Teacher (Children’s House & Elementary)

Grace Evans, Art Director

Diane Petteway, Music Director

Chris Keown, Physical Education Teacher

Alyssa Royster, Student Support and Parenting Support Coordinator


Brittany Jarrett, After School Director

Pearl Cirilo, Grey Squirrel After School and Late Day, Lead Teacher

Ezra Crumpler, Grey Squirrel After School and Late Day, Assistant Teacher

Diana Donovan, Purple Finch After School and Late Day, Lead Teacher

Brandi Schuetze, Purple Finch After School and Late Day, Assistant Teacher

Elim Lagunday-Rosalez, Purple Finch After School, Assistant Teacher

Timea Kallai, Red Fox After School, Lead Teacher

Phardia Adibe, Red Fox After School, Assistant Teacher

Ilex McLeod, Red Fox After School, Assistant Teacher


Rebecca McGrail, Head of School

Cara Bledsoe, Director of Enrollment Management

Rachel Donovan, Office Manager

Emily Evans, Finance Director

Brittany Jarrett, After School, Summer Camp, & Enrichment Director

Katie McChesney, IT Director

Angie Ma, Toddler House Level Coordinator

Zoë Playe, Director of Development & Community Relations

Carson Smith, Operations Manager

Hillary Terlizzi, Administrative Assistant and Permanent Substitute Teacher


Charles Lau  (Chair)

Jennifer Olson (Vice Chair)

Courtney Blum

Keith Coltrain

Mike Kidwell

Grayson Hampson

Asa Harris

Charlotte Holton

Rebecca McGrail

Angie Ma

Steven Martin

Niral Patel

Ranjana Patel

Shana Smith

Grant Williard


To learn more about the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees, click here.